My name is Bethany Charlotte. I graduated in May of 2015, a year ahead of schedule. The plan had been to graduate with my boyfriend of the time, stay at my parents’ house until we found jobs, then get an apartment together outside of Pittsburgh.

However, plans change.

As a joke, I asked my family how they would feel if I went backpacking around Europe instead of finding a career. Only, once I thought about it, it wasn’t a joke. I did want to go to Europe. I’ve always wanted to travel the world, I just thought I’d have to wait until I got a job, put my hours in, request off those meager two weeks, pay for an expensive hotel… all that nonsense. It wasn’t until I started looking into backpacking (which was not as dirty and ridiculous as I first imagined, hitch-hiking places and having to look out for Human Centipede-type characters) that I realized I could really do this. I’ve always loved traveling, and going on my own could only be boring, at worst.

So I’m doing it.

Maybe. Definitely.

I’m also doing it without gluten or dairy, so I hope to help anyone in a similar situation to not starve.

Also, it should be noted that I have another blog here, where I write about writing and publishing.


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