Failing Hardcore

So, boys and girls, let me tell you the tale of my attempt to get from Milan to Florence. I stayed in Milan for a single night and didn’t see anything at all other than the train station. I landed at the airport coming from Barcelona then a bus took me from the airport to the train station and I took the metro to my hostel. The next day I had a bus to catch to Florence so I went to…

The train station. I don’t know how I managed to fuck that up, but after realizing that the only buses there were for airport transfer I realized that I had missed my bus and the next one was at like 8 at night. And it was 9 am.

Obviously, being at a train station, I decided to buy a train ticket. For €50. The ticket was for 12:55 so I sat around and waited until 12:15 to try to find my platform.

Only, surprise, I was looking at the wrong part of the ticket. My train had already left at 11:15. It was supposed to arrive at 12:55.

… So another €50 later, I managed to board my train and actually get to Florence.

If there is an award for stupid shit done while backpacking I want to be nominated.


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