Briefly in Lisbon

I wanted to get over to the west so I flew from London to Lisbon and stayed there for two nights. Basically, I had one full day to explore. It felt like I walked a lot farther than I actually did because of the hills. I also took my first taxi ever and shamefully couldn’t figure out where the meter was supposed to be so I ended up getting ripped off a few euros because the meter wasn’t on but I was just tired and ready to get to the hostel so I didn’t really care.

I stayed at the hostel Equity Point Lisboa and the staff who was there when I checked in was really friendly and told me that if I ever get lost just go downhill and I’ll figure things out and that ended up being true. I wouldn’t recommend the hostel because the other members of the staff came off as a bit rude and I went to go to sleep the first night and found multiple bugs in my bed (they said I could only move to another bed in that room that night but transferred me to a new room the next day) so that was unpleasant.

In my wandering I just managed to go down to the river, see the bridge, then go up the hill to the castle and wander back down the hill. I was super certain that I was lost so I stopped to get something to eat and as I came out of the restaurant I saw the huge square I could navigate to my hostel from, I guess I just want temporarily blind.


Like I said, I didn’t spend that much time in Lisbon but I did enjoy myself there. Had I had more time (and sense) I would have explored more of Portugal instead of Spain.


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