Edinburgh, My Spirit City

Are spirit cities a thing? We’re going to say that they are. I loved Edinburgh, absolutely loved it. I loved the older feel and the temperature and the scenery. Most of all, I fell in love with Holyrood Park. I wanted to build myself a little cabin and live there forever. (I’m not even joking.) It has to be the most beautiful park that close to a city anywhere in the world.

Also while in Scotland I ended up taking a tour to the Highlands, which I thought was a bit of a disappointment overall. Our stop in Glencoe lasted about five minutes and we stopped at Loch Ness which I honestly thought was one of the least inspiring lakes that I’ve ever seen.

Holyrood Park
Holyrood Park

Also I thought that the Royal Mile was quite lovely. I wandered up there on accident and loved it, even though it was quite obviously filled with tourists. It was beautiful and there were bagpipes (which some people may not care about, but I loved it) and I bought a lovely wool scarf that I am absolutely in love with.


Okay, Edinburgh is basically the same as London on this one. There is plenty to eat. I miss the UK grocery stores like you wouldn’t believe.


So I stayed at a place called the Caledonian Backpacker Hostel. Boy was it an adventure. If you have a small budget, I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you have more money maaaaaybe find somewhere else.

I will say that the location was excellent. I walked to the Royal Mile and Holyrook park from there without killing myself. I was able to sleep despite sleeping in a room with 37 other people and getting to listen to the bar downstairs as well as the one across the street, but I feel like that may have bothered some people a bit more. The kitchen was functional and I never had to wait in line for the bathroom… But the showers had clear doors. And no curtains. So anyone who came into the bathroom had to see your naked ass. The bathroom was also frequently out of soap and paper towels. The beds were comfy enough, but I am almost positive that the sheets only get changed once a week reguardless of when the beds were used. However, the hostel was very colorful and I didn’t get any bedbugs, so it all worked out okay.


Holyrood Park, obviously. I spent like five hours there being a mountain goat and napping in the sun. (Yeah, I got color on my cheeks in Edinburgh. I think the country was broken while I was there.) I would also recommend visiting a cemetery (I can’t recommend one in particular, they just seemed to pop up out of nowhere) and to take some time to explore the Royal Mile. Calton Hill was also alright but I wouldn’t plan to spend much time there, just to walk up and get some pictures. The Highlands were beautiful but I would recommend driving around in a rental rather than taking a tour. And skip Loch Ness.


I had planned to do a ghost tour as well as some more exploring but I was having some unrelated personal issues that made me into a bit of a bum. I still enjoyed myself immensely.


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