Don’t Harass Airport Staff

I am sitting in an airport relaxing before my flight, which doesn’t leave for another hour and a half. I am a little earlier than I meant to be, but that doesn’t bother me a bit. What bothers me is all the people I saw yelling at the staff here when it was their own fault for not getting here early.

Airports are all the same, there are people and lines and it takes time to get from the front door to your plane. Try to arrive two hours early, especially if it’s a big airport. Which would you rather have, boredom or a missed flight?

A further note on Ryanair, as I am flying with them today. I haven’t actually gotten on the plane to be able to comment on that, but I’m pleased already just because my bags fit within the restrictions. I don’t even have to wear all my clothes or anything.

However, Ryanair sells cheap seats by charging for everything else. They want you to mess up so that they get more money. No matter what print your boarding pass before you arrive, otherwise they charge you to print it. If you aren’t certain that you can carry your bag on, pay for a checked bag ahead of time otherwise they will charge you outrageously here. Even if it ends up fitting, better safe than sorry. You’ll know better for next time.

This concludes your public service announcement. I must now eat my chocolate.


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