London Continued

I have to be honest, I didn’t fall in love with London. I liked it, and I’m going back to stay in outer London for two days before I catch my plane to Lisbon, but I didn’t love it. My friend said that it didn’t match my personality as much, which I think is true. I’m just really not a city girl and the culture of London was too similar to the United States for it to be special to me. However, it was a wonderful first stop on my adventure and it was beautiful.

I managed to get my laundry done by hand in a sink and I am having no problem living out of a backpack. Well, I make enough mess that it isn’t really in a backpack anymore, but eh, details. I think I may actually have more than I need. It’s very strange to realize how much extra stuff I have at home.






I seriously loved the bubble guy. I also enjoyed my fair bit of wandering around on the streets and I ate some really good instant microwaveable rice and curry that I want to exist in America now.


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