I Have Actual Plans

It’s in the title of the blog, guys. I’m an indecisive backpacker. That being said, I know for sure what I’m doing for like the first week of my trip. I’ll land in London September 21th and I’ve already booked a hostel, then I’m taking a bus to Scotland where I’ve also booked a hostel for a few days. I’ve decided that I’m going to visit Glencoe, because…

ddd…just look at that shit, so pretty, and then I’m going back to London for like three days before taking a budget flight to Lisbon, Portugal, where I’ve already booked two nights in a hostel.

I’m not even going to mention my plans past then because they keep changing, but I know for sure that this is happening and as soon as I find another shirt I like at Goodwill I’ll post my super light packing list and how I’m cramming all my crap into a tiny little backpack.


2 thoughts on “I Have Actual Plans

  1. Glencoe is beautiful. I really liked it when I went earlier this year, wish i’d had more than a day going through the area. If your up that way then the Isle Of Skye is also beautiful if you get a chance to visit. Lisbon is great choice also, stayed there one night on a road trip before and really liked the city. Enjoy! :)

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