I’m Going Somewhere

So I applied for my passport a while ago and it should take anywhere between two to four more weeks to get here. It could take two months for all I care, since I don’t have any money yet, but the important thing is that it’s on its way. (They’ve already cashed the check for it, so that’s a good sign.)

However, I don’t know if I’m going to Europe now. I didn’t start working early enough and I’m not getting that many hours (I briefly had two jobs but that wasn’t working at all) and since I don’t want to be in Europe just for the winter (I can get enough snow and gloom here, thanks) I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to go there.

I started looking into South East Asia, but then it turned into including India and China as well for about five months abroad. The timing would work out well for this because I’d be going over in about November and I’d be in all the right places for the peak season (which will mean more people to travel with and better weather) but I’m worried that with strange eastern food (my tummy is delicate) and 0 eastern language skills that that may not work out for me.

Next I looked into getting a working holiday visa for Australia/New Zealand. It’s more expensive down there, but if I could manage to get a job I could pay my way AND they speak English. I could also stay for a while, but I’ve never been particularly excited about either country. I want to go there, sure, but maybe for like a two week vacation rather than six months?

So finally, I looked at South America, particularly Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia (the cheapest). This would work particularly well because I speak basic Spanish and I could leave earlier (so less time working fast food to save up) as well as use this time to volunteer places and learn more Spanish. I also want to visit Brazil but I’m thinking that for this trip it’d be too expensive and also I don’t want to try to juggle Portuguese and Spanish both when I’m still learning Spanish.

Finally finally, if I get the job I may move down to Florida with my brother and become a wizard. Not really traveling the world (especially since I’ve been to Orlando so many times) but I think it’d still be a fun experience. And… I guess I could also work on my Spanish here?

Whatever I do, I’m going somewhere. Come December (at the latest) I will not be in this zip code. I just have to make up my mind (and stop getting sick and calling off work).


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