No Bears Here: West Virginia

Last summer my boyfriend and I happened to get three days off in a row so we decided to have an adventure. We quickly decided that Allegany State Park was too far away but that West Virginia was doable. We also decided to go to Ohiopyle on the way and camp somewhere to make it a two day trip.

Let me start off with saying that if you’re from southwest Pennsylvania and you’ve never been to Ohiopyle State Park you are missing out! I didn’t get any pictures from last summer, but here are some from a few years ago in high school:

Swimming for those under 5'8"!
Swimming for those under 5’8″!
Natural water slides!
Natural water slides!

So yeah, check that out. You’re gonna wanna wear an old suit/old clothes covering them for the slides. They’re natural, which means they’re rock and they’re sharp at points and your bum will get bruised. Still lots of fun on a hot summer day!

After Ohiopyle it was time to drive to West Virginia to camp. The drive there was beautiful. I love driving around in the summer. It was forecasted to rain the entire time we were down there, but we had clear skies for hours!

DSCN2630 DSCN2647 DSCN2658 I found a site that lists free camping spots and so we camped there. It was in a mountain not far from a tiny West Virginia town. It was really beautiful, and we could’ve camped right by the river if we’d wanted to but I hadn’t wanted to deal with the extra bugs, so we camped in the middle of a field. We made mountain pies and realized we had nothing to fend off a bear, but we kept the food in a cooler in the car and didn’t have a problem, so that was good. DSCN2666


It was something crazy like 5 am when we first got up. It stormed all night, but the tent survived and we headed out again on a little less than four hours of sleep. Woo! So much fun.

DSCN2739If you’ve ever been to Seneca Rocks, you’ll know that there is a main trail that you can walk up that’s a steep switchback and it’ll take you to a lookout platform. That’s what we did. There is also rock climbing and a suicide trail that my brother tells me is just about straight up, but I’m not athletic enough for that nonsense.

DSCN2837 DSCN2813 DSCN2833

So yeah, it was a good trip, even if I was practically falling asleep on the way home. Personally it’s a pet peeve of mine when people say they want to see the world but they’ve never explored the area around them before. I have a friend who says she hates America but she’s barely seen anything that America has to offer!

Even if I don’t travel the world, at least the United States has an abundance of natural beauty!


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